My Pet: Abbie wants to be a watchdog - keeping an eye out for fashion crimes

Me, lounging on my velvet cushion

Me, lounging on my velvet cushion - Credit: Archant

I was lounging on my feather bed when I saw a famous dog on my television.

It wasn’t myself but a poor mutt who had been left for dead in a bin by the A14.

But his story had a happy ending when a council worker decided to keep him after finding him while emptying bins along the busy road.

I told my human person, Matt, that Dusty the dog, is now almost as well-known as I.

He is a little smaller than the companions I usually go for, but he did still catch my eye. I’m not going to act though, I’ll wait for him to make the first move.

Matt tells me this week that Dusty and Jason Bloomfield, his owner, have launched a campaign for Suffolk police.

Dog owners are being asked to keep a look-out for any suspicious activity while out walking.

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Matt takes me for so few walks that I’ll never get the chance to be a crime dog.

But on my travels near Stowmarket I do keep coming across some very criminal choices in fashion.

I’ve told Matt never to buy me anything unless it doesn’t go with my white fur coat - it needs to be designer and it needs to be expensive - they’re my only two requests.

When I peer over at my human person and the clothes he picks - I just have to turn away.

Skinny jeans, check shirts?! Why in the name of Lassie does he do it?

I think it is his wardrobe which may be the stumbling block to me meeting the Queen’s representative in Suffolk, Lord Lieutenant Tollemache.

There were rumours last week he was going to visit me to offer a title. As I’ve yet to hear back from the Lord Lieutenant I’ve decided to take the matter into my own paws and send an invitation complete with my signature. I do hope he doesn’t copy them.

Abbie Hunter lives near Stowmarket, with her human person, Matt

Write to her at or 30 Lower Brook Street, IP4 1AN

As told to Matt Hunter