My pet: It’s time to get your boots out

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

As the sun blazes down to raise temperatures to the mid 20s, I am thinking about sport., says Abbie Hunter.

It is always at this time of year that I consider my sporting abilities. Now you may laugh and question if a dog can be good at sport. But we are faster, more agile and no doubt fitter than most human persons out there.

My own human person, Matt, likes to think of himself as a bit of a runner. He struts around in his fancy trainers and says it’s all about core muscles, stamina and inner strength.

The only problem is I’ve seen him run and know he’s no Usain Bolt.

But back to the canine world and we are all really going mad for Ipswich Town FC.

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The club’s main mascots are two horses but never let it be said that us dogs don’t support The Blues.

You may call me a glory supporter but I have taken a real interest in the fortunes of the team ever since the very Yorkshire man, Mick McCarthy, took control.

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So in recent days I’ve invested in my own football, set my own goals up and even grown my own football mullet.

Now I may not be allowed to run onto the pitch at Portman Road with all the current heroes vying for promotion but I feel dogs should get a little more attention for our own developing game.

It’s in its infancy but we are considering a Dog World Cup for 2022. It won’t be held in ever so hot Qatar; that would be a stupid decision. Instead the Dog World Cup committee are considering the more cool resort of Cornwall.

Any dogs, or even their owners, who would like to write to Abbie should email Matt Hunter.

As told to Matt Hunter

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