Neighbours call for an end to ‘putrid’ stench

Those living near Stanton Composting Facility are calling for tougher action against its operator.

RESIDENTS are calling for an end to years of contending with flies and an odour which they claim is emanating from a nearby composting facility.

Those living near Stanton Composting Facility, north-east of Bury St Edmunds, have told how they cannot open their windows or enjoy being outside because of the problems.

They want stronger action taken against County Mulch, the firm which operates the site at the Shepherds Grove Industrial Estate in Stanton.

Rita Penman, a spokeswoman for the Environment Agency, said since the beginning of 2009 the agency – which issued the firm with an environmental permit six years ago – has received more than 450 complaints.

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She said the agency has been working with County Mulch in order to control the release of the odours, but despite the completion of an improvement plan in April indications are it has been of limited success.

Trevor Roberts of Chapel Road, Wattisfield, said: “The odour’s all year round and the flies are in the summer months.”

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The 55-year-old told how his daughter Lucinda Lyne chose not to get married at home because she did not want her guests to suffer the flies and smell.

He said there were two fly swatters in every room at the property, which is opposite the composting facility.

Jeremy Bradburne, chairman of Greenview Environmental Ltd which owns County Mulch, said it was unclear whether the flies were coming from the site, but said the firm had been trying to tackle the flies as well as the odour.

He said: “We are trying to make improvements and we are continuing to invest.

“We are not in any way complacent about it.

“The problem with flies in a summer like this – you get a lot of them.”

Mr Bradburne said the firm had spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on improvements.

The Environment Agency is allowing the firm to temporarily increase tonnage at the site from 2,300 to 4,000 after the firm warned of job losses.

But Ms Penman said the agency required an improved odour management plan and had been assured by the firm it would continue with its ongoing improvement programme.

She said the agency would be closely monitoring the site on a regular basis

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