Newmark win Braintree

BRAINTREEBrooks Newmark (Con) 23,597*Alan Hurst (Lab) 19,704Peter Turner (LD) 7,037James Abbott (Green) 1,308Roger Lord (UKIP) 1,181Michael Nolan (Ind) 228Majority 3,893Con gain from LabTurnout: 66.


Brooks Newmark (Con) 23,597

*Alan Hurst (Lab) 19,704

Peter Turner (LD) 7,037

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James Abbott (Green) 1,308

Roger Lord (UKIP) 1,181

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Michael Nolan (Ind) 228

Majority 3,893

Con gain from Lab

Turnout: 66.09%

2001 result: Labour maj 358

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