Newmarket: 33 conditions added to Suffolk nightclub’s licence

MORE than 30 conditions have been added to a nightclub’s licence after police claimed the venue was associated with serious crime.

Suffolk Constabulary applied for the licence review of the Innocence Nightclub in the High Street, Newmarket, which shares a building with lap dancing club Heaven, after a man was hit in the face with a glass bottle during an incident on December 1.

In documents presented to Forest Heath District Council’s Licensing Act 2003 Sub Committee, officers said the club had a “disproportionately high” number of assaults and criticised “irresponsible” promotions that entitled VIP ticket holders to unlimited drinks.

Yesterday, the local authority’s licensing bosses ruled that 33 conditions agreed by police and the club should replace the current “limited” conditions.

Carol Lynch, who chaired the sub committee, said the council and police were hopeful that the new conditions would help reduce anti-social behaviour at the club.

She added: “The police are content with the conditions but we will have to suck it and see. Considering that the club did not have any conditions, they have now got something to work to.”

Twenty four of the conditions are focussed on the prevention of crime and disorder and include the maintenance of a CCTV system that covers all entrances and exits to the building and all customer areas.

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Other conditions involve the training of all staff in alcohol sales within three months of working at the club and a pledge to communicate with police and the licensing authority ahead of forthcoming events.

Conditions for public safety and the prevention of public nuisance state that doors and windows shall be kept close to reduce noise nuisance and a proof of age scheme shall be operated in the club.

As an additional measure, the committee ruled that toilets in the venue are checked every 15 minutes.

Speaking previously, Jason Newell, director of Heaven Awaits Limited, said the club had a “close relationship” with the local authorities.

He added: “No premises wants any anti-social behaviour, but unfortunately it does happen. But anything that has happened has been minor and has been dealt with professionally.”

A spokesman for Suffolk police said: “This result sends out a clear message that action will be taken when premises are not run within the objectives of the Licensing Act. We will work with our partners to ensure that all licensed premises throughout the county are managed safely and appropriately.”