Newmarket: Landlord claims marquee ban could close pub

Decision will be made on planned birthday bash

Decision will be made on planned birthday bash - Credit: PA

A LANDLORD said he fears for the future of his pub if licensing bosses ban him from holding parties outside.

The licensing act 2003 sub-committee of Forest Heath District Council will meet this morning to decide if a 30th birthday party can be held in a marquee at the The Wheatsheaf Inn in Chapel Street, Exning, near Newmarket.

Kenneth Clutterbuck, who has run the pub for more than two years, said he is concerned that a ruling against him could threaten future events and stop a vital revenue stream.

Environmental health officers from Forest Heath have objected to the proposed event that will run till midnight on Saturday, April 20, on the grounds that “there remains a high risk of noise disturbance to neighbouring properties arising from amplified music emanating from events held within the marquee of the premises.”

Papers signed by technical officer Paul Speakman state that the concerns follow previous problems in December last year caused by live music.

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The letter states: “In conclusion we are of the opinion this event shall severely undermine the Licensing Act 2003 objective for the prevention of public nuisance.”

Mr Clutterbuck said previous issues had been ironed out.

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He added: “We have had problems with noise last year, which we have sorted out now. We had a temporary events notice a few weeks ago that was passed and we didn’t have any problems at all.

“Now they have taken it upon themselves to object.”

Mr Clutterbuck said: “I know we had rock bands and I know they were loud and I agreed not to have rock bands anymore. But it’s never late. We’ll never be later than midnight.”

He added that as a community pub it would not be in his interest to annoy those living nearby.

“I’ve got letters from so many people saying it doesn’t affect them,” Mr Clutterbuck said.

Mr Clutterbuck claimed that problems with temporary event notices could have serious implications for his business.

He added: “You plan in advance and then they say you can’t have it.

“It makes my life very difficult. With the climate at the moment, pubs are struggling. They are closing down at about 18 per week at the moment and I am very keen that we won’t be next.”

Mr Clutterbuck said: “Everyone is struggling.

“If I lose the marquee and we can’t do weddings, christenings, birthday parties in there, the pub might as well close up.

Last year it was the only thing that kept the pub going.”

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