No MEPs know new council chief

NOT a single Euro MP representing Suffolk is able to name the county's £220,000 chief executive, it has emerged.

Neil Puffett

NOT a single Euro MP representing Suffolk is able to name the county's £220,000 chief executive, it has emerged.

It appears that Andrea Hill, who was appointed to the top job on a bumper salary in April, has not formed a close relationship with European MPs representing the region.

The Euro MPs play represent Suffolk in Brussels and have the ability to lobby for millions of pounds in funding for key projects.

Kathy Pollard, leader of Suffolk's Lib Dems, said a lack of engagement from councils in relation to Europe is an issue across the Eastern region and more needs to be done to ensure vital funding comes into the area.

“I think Suffolk could do far more to engage with Euro MPs as it is clearly an important area,” she said.

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“I'm not sure Suffolk is different to anywhere else in the region although I think Norfolk engages better with MEPs.

“Years ago we used to have a Europe sub committee but it seems now councillors are very unaware of what is going on in Europe.

“Given the fact tens of millions are available to spend we all ought to be more aware of it.

“It is a drum I have kept banging at a regional level for some time.”

A spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council said: “We have an economic development unit whose responsibility is to generate funds for the county.”

Who is Suffolk's chief executive?

Richard Howitt (Labour): I have no idea but I can tell you they are paid £220,000.

Andrew Duff (Lib Dems): I have no idea who he is.

Tom Wise (UKIP): I have no idea - she doesn't write to me, that's for certain.

Geoffrey Van Orden (Tory): She's a lady who gets a very large salary.

Robert Sturdy (Tory): I don't know - I would have expected to hear from her but nobody has been in touch.

Jeffrey Titford (UKIP): I have no idea

Christopher Beazley (Tory): I don't have it in front of me

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