North Essex mental health trust publishes new five-year plan

Mental health trust publishes new five-year plan

Mental health trust publishes new five-year plan - Credit: PA

The trust running mental health services in north Essex has launched a new five-year strategic plan.

Called “All together, better”, the document sets out a framework for the future of the North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (NEP).

It is based around four main objectives: to be recognised as a leading provider of specialist mental health care, to be a leader and partner in integrated community services, and to improve both patient experience and outcomes.

It will follow the current five-year plan which expires in April.

Aims include an expanded temporary workforce to cover absence from permanent staff.

Andrew Geldard, NEP chief executive, said: “The changes within the NHS mean service providers, such as NEP, have had to change their approach to strategic planning, from implementing central policy to one of working within a competitive market.

“In any market there is uncertainty which increases the need for us to have clarity of purpose, a focus for future thinking and an approach to every change and opportunity the market may produce. Our new strategic plan does just that.

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“It is not a plan that sets out detailed actions, but rather the thinking that will guide our actions in response to market changes.

“It is the result of hours of constructive discussion and debate involving staff and governors, and I thank all those who have contributed so much of their time, ideas and wisdom.”

The plan is available on the trust website.