Number of drivers caught speeding in Suffolk falls by 30% in just four years

A speed camera on the A140 by the Coddenham turn southbound

A speed camera on the A140 by the Coddenham turn southbound - Credit: Archant

New figures show there were 33,416 speeding offences recorded in Suffolk in 2014/15 – down from 48,036 in 2010/11.

Last night, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said there had been no relaxation of enforcement.

But he said speeding crackdowns were now “better balanced” between villages, market towns and the A14 and A12.

He said: “I can absolutely assure people that there has not been a relaxation of enforcement.

“In May 2013 after a large public consultation, I asked Suffolk Constabulary to change their enforcement policy because it had been focussed largely on the A14 and the A12.

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“Now there is a much greater emphasis on looking at villages, market towns and residential areas. There is a better balance and that is partly because the public raised this as a major concern.

“During the last three years, we have expanded the number of volunteers and we have put more money in to community speed watchers. We have now got more than 600 volunteers who work for the community speed watch scheme throughout the county.”

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Mr Passmore said the figures, released by Suffolk Constabulary through Freedom of Information laws, were overall “encouraging”, saying: “Perhaps motorists are heeding the warnings that speed kills and speed limits are there for a purpose.”

Chief inspector Chris Spinks, of the Norfolk and Suffolk roads policing and firearms operations unit, added: “The reduction in people being fined and issued with penalty points can in part be attributed to the use of the speed awareness course.

“The course provides the opportunity to educate lower-risk offenders which is recognised as being much more likely to change a drivers approach to speed than points and a fine.

“Suffolk police will carry out speed enforcement throughout the county and will concentrate their efforts on certain areas that are recognised as having a history of collisions or where public complaints are prevalent.”

But the number of drivers caught speeding at more than 100mph is rising, the research found. Of the 100 motorists caught travelling at 100mph or more in the last five years, 58 were in the last two years. Of the 19 caught speeding at 110mph or more, 13 were also in the last two years.

There are two fixed speed cameras in Suffolk – on the A12 at Benhall and the A140 at Coddenham – after four were decommissioned in September 2011, as well as mobile enforcement vehicles.

The findings also revealed the average age of a speeding motorist is 48, while a higher proportion of offenders are being sent to speed awareness courses.

In 2010/11, some 43% (20,505) of speeding motorists completed a retraining course, compared to 55% (18,413) in 2014/15.

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