OAP fined for sun-bleached badge

A PENSIONER says he has been slapped with a parking ticket for “allowing the sun to shine”.

Tom Potter

A PENSIONER says he has been slapped with a parking ticket for “allowing the sun to shine”.

Harold Cadwallader was issued the �40 fine after returning to his car to find the sun had bleached the print off his disabled blue badge.

The 87-year-old was shocked to discover he was being penalised for displaying his blue badge correctly on the dashboard of his car, but was even less prepared for what he heard upon phoning the council to complain.

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“They advised me to put my badge where the sun doesn't shine!” said Mr Cadwallader, who hastened to add he thought the comment wasn't intended to be taken figuratively.

The Tanyard Court resident had been playing a regular weekly game of bridge at the Woodbridge Community Centre when he was issued the fine.

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He was requested to pay �40 within seven days, or be forced to shell out �80, for correctly displaying his blue badge where, but for the sun's rays, it could be clearly read through the windscreen.

Mr Cadwallader, who has suffered three heart attacks, a stroke and has a new hip, said: “I wasn't very happy about being fined for allowing the sun to shine. I didn't realise it was an offence.”

Now Mr Cadwallader must apply to replace his faded blue badge, which can take anything up to five weeks and will consequently restrict his independence. “I have to go to Ipswich in the next few days and I have a hospital appointment to attend. But now they want me to pay the fine, apply for a new badge and pay for parking between now and getting a replacement.”

Mr Cadwallader has refused to fork out for the ticket which parking chiefs say was his responsibility to ensure it remained in a legible state. A spokeswoman for Suffolk Coastal District Council, which issued the ticket, said: “The recipient is able to appeal the notice in writing explaining the situation and if evidence can be shown that the badge is valid and in date the penalty notice will be cancelled.”

A Suffolk County Council spokeswoman said Mr Cadwallader's badge would be replaced free of charge and his application for a new one would be fast tracked. “If badges are fading we will replace them for free. That goes for anyone,” she said. “The process can take between four to five weeks but we will hurry any application from people who have regular hospital appointments to attend.”

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