A dad of three daughters who was "always smiling and would say hello to anybody", has died aged 45.

Stuart Brown, also known as Percy, was found in his flat on December 6 in Kessingland.

He was born in Caister, living and working in the village and Great Yarmouth for most of his life.

He then moved to Kessingland, in Suffolk, near Lowestoft, three years ago.

Mr Brown's younger years saw him working at the Haven Caister-On-Sea Holiday Park, with family describing how he "loved" the social aspect of the job.

He also worked for a time at Birds Eye in Lowestoft and then as a security guard in Great Yarmouth.

Family said he was known for his love of music and raving, often working as a DJ at the weekends.

Mr Brown then developed back problems, stopped working and was placed on strong medication.

Mr Brown's daughter, Chardanai Brown, 19, described how her father struggled with his mental health for a number of years before his death.

Miss Brown said: "Dad suffered with his mental health. He was in and out of ICU and received a lot of support from us as a family.

"It still hasn't sunk in. It doesn't really feel like reality. We are heartbroken."

Miss Brown said she will miss spending time with her dad.

"He was always smiling and having a laugh with everyone," she said.

"He would say hello to anyone in the street and knew so many people locally.

"Once we were in another town elsewhere in the country and he even knew people there and would say hello.

"He was an old school raver, had lots of friends and just knew everyone.

"I will always remember him as just being himself, dad."

The family have launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for Mr Brown's funeral and a rave to mark his appreciations and love of music.

Mr Brown leaves behind three daughters Chardanai Brown, 19, Layla Brown, 16 and Trinity Brown, 15.

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