Organs donation from mum-of-four who died suddenly helps save four lives

Framlingham woman

Cheryl Duffy-Scaife died suddenly earlier this year, but her choice to donate her organs helped save the lives of four people. - Credit: Violet Duffy

A Framlingham mother-of-four who died after suffering a cardiac arrest in the street earlier this year helped save four lives when her organs were donated, something her family knows would have made her happy.

Cheryl Duffy-Scaife was walking in the town on April 20 when she collapsed - passers by performed CPR in a bid to resuscitate her despite the ongoing pandemic.

Cheryl Duffy-Scaife

According to Cheryl's mother "Even though she had four children, she never grew up" - Credit: Charlie Duffy

The 39-year-old, who had no known heart conditions was airlifted, to Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire for treatment, but sadly died two days later.

Eldest of four, Charlie Duffy, said finding out her mum was an organ donor was "no shock" to her.

"She put everyone before herself so the fact she helped four people, including a child - it was very heart-warming," she said.

"I'm so proud to be her daughter, but mum was never one to have materialistic things. She lived for the moment and the memories. And I'm so grateful we have so many funny and silly memories."

Cheryl was mother to Charlie, 21, and Jo, 19, Ewan, 16, and Christopher, aged eight.

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Charlie continued: "Me and my siblings are incredibly lucky that our mum was so funny and did everything for us. Made us feel happy and safe. I wish we got longer than we did.

Cheryl and her dog Minnie

Cheryl and her dog Minnie - Credit: Charlie Duffy

"Mum always helped others. She would feed the homeless buying them food whenever we saw them. So the fact that she saved four lives I know she will be happy with that. She put the happiness of everyone around her before herself.

"Everyone who met my mum loved her. My friends would say my mum was like their mum. She raised me and my siblings into strong-minded individuals because my mum was strong and smart and caring."

As well filling the role of being the mum, Charlie added that her mum also filled the role as their dad, she said: "She was the best of both parents rolled into one."

Cheryl, who worked at Ernest Doe, not only raised four children but also five pups.

Looking after others and raising up others was something Cheryl had always done according to her mother Violet.

Framlingham mother of four

Cheryl's children and two of her dogs - Credit: Charlie Duffy

Violet Duffy said: "She was always a mother first, she was a mother from a very young age."

Cheryl was born and raised in Glasgow but the family all moved to Felixstowe when she was 20, to help look after her great uncle.

Violet recalled how she was a "a beautiful daughter" and was "just so happy".

She said: "She just kept going, kept looking after her family, kept looking after me.

"She never stopped, she worked really really hard."

Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome was the specific cause of Cheryl's death, which Violet said made the situation so much more difficult because it came out of the blue.

Shortly before her death Cheryl had began raising four puppies, she gave one to her mum called Thistle and one to her brother called Griffis and had plans to take them all to the beach and give them small life jackets and go swimming together.

"It was like the last gift we had from her," added Violet.

"She was all excited. Even joked about putting dog breeder on her CV."

Joking about was something Cheryl did regularly and often, once inviting her mum around to see her new wine cooler, only to show her it was full of glass bottles of Irn Bru.

Or she would occasionally threaten to 'release the baby' If anybody annoyed her.

"They can take you out of Glasgow but they cannae take Glasgow out of you," Violet joked.

Cheryl's positive outlook even shone through at her funeral, where Charlie wore a pink dress at the funeral because her mum always dressed her in pink.

They also played 'Tonight's going to be a good night' as the coffin came in, because she wouldn't have wanted anyone to be sad or upset.

Violet said: "She was a big child at heart, even though she had four children, she never grew up.

"I miss her terribly."

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