Dedicated daughter steps up after tragic death of 'amazing' mum Heidi

mum and three children

Heidi Keer with Erin, left, Blake, front and and Harry, right - Credit: Lisa Keer

An Ipswich teenager struggling with her own grief has stepped up to care for her two younger brothers following the tragic death of their mum Heidi Keer.

Heidi was just 45 when she died at Ipswich Hospital on October 29, four weeks after contracting Covid-19.

Heidi Keer in glasses

Mum-of-three Heidi Keer, from the Whitehouse area of Ipswich, died with Covid on October 29 - Credit: Lisa Keer

She leaves three children - Erin, 19, Harry, 15, and 10-year-old Blake.

Fearing her younger brothers may end up in care, Erin has stepped in and is currently looking after them at the family home in Whitehouse, where she is in the process of taking over the tenancy and applying for legal guardianship along with her aunt Lisa Keer.

heidi Keer

Heidi Keer, 45, died after being put in an induced coma at Ipswich Hospital - Credit: Lisa Keer

Lisa Keer, 43, said: "They are all grieving so much, their mum was their everything. She was amazing and they could not have asked for a better mum."

She added: "Erin has been brilliant. To remove the boys, who have additional needs, from the home they are in would be awful. They feel safe there.

"She said her mum would want her to look after her brothers, and she would. She would be so proud to see what she is doing.

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"Nothing is ever too much for that girl."

Heidi, along with several other members of the family, contracted Covid at the start of October. Her sister was admitted to hospital after it developed into double pneumonia, then Heidi herself became seriously unwell and Erin called an ambulance.

She was treated in hospital and it was decided to put her in an induced coma to allow her body to fight the virus. She sadly never came out of the coma and died with Erin and Harry by her side.

Describing the family's loss, Lisa said: "It has been really hard, my sister was only 45.

"She was a full-time carer for her sons who have additional needs. They had many appointments and she was always there to take them

"She was a single mum, and she did everything for them."

The sisters were extremely close, along with their dad, and spent many hours together.

"We were so close, she would come here in the week for dinner with the kids, and on a Sunday she would cook a roast dinner and we would go there with dad.

"She wasn't just my sister, she was my best friend."

heidi and erin keer

Erin Keer has stepped up to care for her younger brothers following the death of her mum Heidi, 45, from Ipswich - Credit: Lisa Keer

She added: "Erin passed her driving test while her mum was in hospital and she passed all her exams, but she never got a chance to tell her. She would have been so proud."

The teenager is now a qualified carpenter, and even won the accolade of student of the year during her studies. She was working full-time at a warehouse while she sought out an apprenticeship or an entry level carpentry job but has now had to reduce her hours to enable her to care for the boys.

"She is only 19 but she is prepared to put her life on hold," said the proud aunt.

As well as coming to terms with their loss, Lisa and Erin have been struggling to raise funds to pay for legal representation to ensure they are granted joint guardianship over Blake and Harry.

They have made countless calls to authorities and charities to try and establish how they complete the process.

"We are just trying to get help for the kids, but nobody seems willing to help them," said Lisa.

She said while Blake is excited for Christmas, for the rest of the family it is impossible to get into the spirit.

"For me, it feels like everything has ended, Heidi was my everything."

A friend has set up a Just Giving page to raise £500 - you can support the family here

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