One in three Type 2 diabetes sufferers in Colchester “not confident in managing condition” – survey

Diabetes is on the rise.

Diabetes is on the rise. - Credit: Archant

One in three Type 2 diabetes sufferers in Colchester do not feel confident about managing their own condition, according to a new survey.

The figure, published by the charity Diabetes UK, has come as the number of people suffering from the condition nationally has soared to an all-time high of 3.9million, with more than 17,600 living in north east Essex.

The data was gathered by the charity during a Living with Diabetes Day in Colchester, with 105 people with Type 2 being surveyed – it has been released during Diabetes Awareness Week.

Sharon Roberts, Eastern Regional Manager at Diabetes UK, said: “It is extremely worrying that so many people with diabetes don’t feel confident at managing their diabetes, as this means huge numbers of people do not have information that could be lifesaving. This makes no sense because the health complications of diabetes are not only devastating but are also extremely costly to treat.

“This Diabetes Week, we are urging the Government and the NHS to do more to ensure people with diabetes get the support and education they need to manage the condition not just at the point of diagnosis but beyond as the educational needs of people already living with the condition can change over time.”

Diabetes is a condition where your body is not producing any or enough insulin to keep you healthy. Type 1 is normally diagnosed in child or young adulthood, whereas Type 2 can happen later in life and has links to lifestyle and obesity.

It is thought that about 90% of diabetes cases are Type 2.

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If treated effectively sufferers can reduce day-to-day symptoms and the risk of complications such as kidney failure, heart disease and stroke.

The charity believes greater education is vital to helping people with diabetes managing their condition.

During their recent Living With Diabetes Day in Colchester, 61% said they were confident of managing it, but after, this figure increased to 98%.

A spokesman for the NEEDS diabetes service in north east Essex said: “We recognise that it is vital that people living with diabetes are offered all the information and support they need to confidently and effectively manage their condition.

“This year we have offered 96% of people newly-diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes structured education and guidance to help them manage their own condition and 95% of people newly-diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Of 1,607 people offered the courses, 462 (29%) have completed it in full.

“Starting this year an additional offer of important carbohydrate counting courses has been introduced as part of our diabetes education. Further refresher courses and patient education events will also be offered.”

For more information about diabetes support and groups in north Essex, visit or call 0845 241 3313.