Memorial to Orfordness lighthouse will be created following demolition

The demolition of the historic Orfordness lighthouse has begun before it tumbles into the sea. Phot

The demolition of the historic Orfordness lighthouse has begun before it tumbles into the sea. Photo: Joe Giddens/PA Wire - Credit: PA

A memorial to one of Suffolk’s most iconic landmarks, the Orfordness Lighthouse, will be created following it’s demolition.

Work has begun to bring down the lighthouse in its entirety before it falls into the sea, having suffered for many years at the hands of coastal erosion.

Cranes arrived at the lighthouse on Thursday to help start removing the top of the lighthouse.

It is thought that the process to disassemble the entire structure will take some time.

Once complete, the lantern room and other artefacts from the site will pass to the Orfordness Lighthouse Trust with hopes high that once funds are available a permanent lighthouse memorial structure will be created on the other side of the ness, facing towards Orford town quay.

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Nicholas Gold, from Orfordness Lighthouse Company and trustee of Orfordness Lighthouse Trust said: “It is obviously a sad day.

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“We have been incredibly fortunate. First, in the way that Trinity House allowed the lighthouse to be acquired and be looked after and visited by local people and others during its final years.

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“Secondly, in having a fantastic group of local volunteers to make it happen and, thirdly, when it came to the demolition, in having the National Trust and a host of other agencies who were both co-operative and understanding during this difficult time.

“However, by demolishing it carefully, rather than letting it tumble into the sea, it should be possible to recover the main artefacts and preserve them for future generations.

“It would be a sadness to leave this stretch of the coastline naked for too long. We have managed to secure a suitable site and all we need now is the funding for the building work.”

Nick Collinson, National Trust General Manager Suffolk & Essex Coast said:“ Orfordness Lighthouse has been an iconic part of this stretch of coastline and like so many others we are saddened to see it lost.

“Sitting on a stretch of coastline which is constantly changed by the sea means erosion is a continual process here and we accept that we cannot fight coastal change on a dynamic shingle spit.

“We are pleased to be working with the Orford Ness Lighthouse team to ensure the building can be demolished safely and in a way that is appropriate at such a special place for wildlife.”

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