Plans for 171 Hadleigh starter homes reduced to just seven after Persimmon fails to submit updated proposals

Controversial plans to develop 171 starter homes for first time buyers in Hadleigh will now see just seven starter properties built, it has emerged – with developers failing to submit updated documents.

Persimmon Homes originally submitted proposals for 172 homes off Ipswich Road in July 2017 – with 171 of those earmarked as starter properties designed for those making their first step on the property ladder.

Further work was needed to bring the plans to a position where it could be validated by Babergh District Council’s planning department, which was completed on December 21 2018.

But the plans open for public consultation are out of date, according to the developer, and will actually only see seven starter homes constructed.

A spokesman from Persimmon said: “An amended proposal for a mixed use scheme, comprising a traditional mixed housing tenure and employment uses as agreed with the council, will replace the current application for 171 starter homes,” and added that this would be within the next week.

It is understood that the developer had not expected the application to be validated until all the fresh documents were provided.

It means the documents open for public consultation do not reflect the revised plan.

A Babergh spokesman said: “We are awaiting the amended drawings that will clarify the situation.”

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The plans have already gathered more than 20 public comments, although it is not clear how many of those were aware of the new proposals.

The Persimmon spokesman added: “Our proposals for land off Ipswich Road would bring 172 homes, of which 35% will be much-needed affordable housing in line with policy requirements, and seven starter homes.

“The amended application follows discussions with Babergh District Council planners.

“We are hopeful that the plans, which we believe will support the economic and social growth of Hadleigh, will be approved in March.”It follows an admission by Persimmon in November that it had made errors at the Mount Pleasant development in Framlingham, which resulted in dozens of homes being constructed to the wrong specifications.

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