Pinewood: Mia Hambling, three, could live to 105, according to new life expectancy figures

Jess Dunn with her three-year-old daughter Mia Hambling. New figures show that women live much longe

Jess Dunn with her three-year-old daughter Mia Hambling. New figures show that women live much longer in the Pinewood area of Ipswich. - Credit: Archant

Meet three-year-old Mia Hambling, she lives with her family in Pinewood and according to new figures can expect to live to the grand old age of 105.

For women living in the ward, which falls under Babergh District Council, getting a telegraph from the Queen on their 100th birthday is a very real expectation with Pinewood’s female residents enjoying Suffolk’s highest life expectancy, according to the figures published by the Sufolk Observatory.

But the men in their lives can expect to survive until the age of 81.

And for those women living in neighbouring streets, which fall in the Stoke Park ward, life expectancy falls by 18 years to 87 – the highest in Ipswich borough.

Mia’s mum Jess Dunn, 25, who lives with partner Bradley Hambling, 28, and nine-month-old son Toby in Burnet Close, said: “I try as best as I can to follow a healthy diet with fruit and vegetables.

“Three or four times a week we’ll have a big meal with lots of vegetables and she’s really good with that.

“I find food shopping with buying fresh fruit and vegetables really expensive whereas you can buy a readymeal cheaper but it’s filled with high levels of salt and fat.

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“It’s cheaper to buy a big bar of chocolate, sweets and crisps than healthy foods. “If the price of healthy foods was lowered maybe everyone would have a longer life expectancy.”

Miss Dunn said neither her or her partner smoke and it’s really important to keep the children fit and healthy.

“We’ve got a park around the corner and it’s really important for me to keep her active. It’s nice for her to burn off some energy as well.

“Wherever possible we walk rather than take the car.”

Dr Alan Murray, portfolio holder for health at Suffolk County Council, said the key to living longer is “very straight forward”.

“It is all about the standard things we know help in the early years, breast feeding, your upbringing, your parents income – these all play a very significant part in increase life expectancy,” he said. “It is also about obesity, high cholesterol, smoking . Lifestyle choices make a huge difference.

“But we know there is extreme inequality when it comes to life expectancy – nine years from the more deprived areas of Lowestoft to the more affluent parts of Bixley.

“There has been a huge amount of efforts in public health to help people improve their lifestyle choices.

“The Health and Wellbeing board has been established for this very reason. There is a lot of work underway to tackle health inequalities but more can always be done.

“It is also about people taking responsibility for their health and improving their lifestyle choices, which can be very hard and many only get the impetus to do so once they have fallen ill.”

Pinewood conservative councillor Peter Burgoyne said: “Am I surprised that Pinewood has the highest life expectancy for women?

“Not really. Everyone I meet in Pinewood is always very happy and content with life.

“It is a pity that men living in the area don’t have as long a life expectancy but they do have the pleasure of being married to wives with the longest life expectancy in the whole of Suffolk.”

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