Police take action over ‘boy racer’ activity on Moreton Hall estate, Bury St Edmunds

Essex Police has launched a campaign to tackle speeding drivers in Suffolk. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Essex Police has launched a campaign to tackle speeding drivers in Suffolk. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

A crackdown on “boy racers” in the Bury St Edmunds area has seen police seize one vehicle and issue another driver with a warning.

The operation took place after concerns were raised about the behaviour of a number of residents on the town’s Moreton Hall estate.

The area has recently been blighted by speeding cars – often at unsociable hours – which led a number of residents, including town councillors, to alert authorities.

In a statement the town council said the activity has “plagued” the estate and it has worked to find solutions.

During a police patrol of the area last week, a man in his 20s was handed a warning notice for driving anti-socially and a Honda Civic was seized for being driven without insurance.

A spokesman for Suffolk police said: “Following recent complaints regarding ‘boy racers’ officers routinely conduct patrols on the estate and witnessed such activity at around 9.20pm on Thursday, August 10.

“A Honda Civic was seized for being driven without insurance and a man in his 20s was issued with a Section 59 warning notice for driving in an inconsiderate manner and driving in a manner that is likely to cause, or has caused, distress to members of the public.”

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The spokesman added that if the man receives a second such warning in the next 12 months then the vehicle he is driving at the time can be seized, and he has 21 days to collect it or it will be destroyed. The man will be charged storage for each day it is held.

Bury St Edmunds Town Council welcomed the action and says it will continue to support the work of Suffolk police, Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and the Bury St Edmunds Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Greg Luton, town clerk, said: “Irresponsible speeding is a problem and this action is one small step to remove it from our streets. The town council have been active in reporting incidents and in the employment of an extra PCSO. It is a small step but a positive one.”

The council continues to be a vocal advocate of safer roads in Bury and has provided funds for an additional PCSO, who has been dealing with parking offences, irresponsible activities and other issues in the town.

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