Police trawl footage after skirmish with Leeds’ fans

POLICE are trawling video footage after having to draw their batons and use dogs to quell disorder among Leeds’ fans following their team’s game at Portman Road.

Up to 40 Leeds’ supporters were said to have been involved in the skirmish with officers around 15 minutes after Saturday’s match ended.

The problems began in the car park at the old cattle market, opposite the visitors stand.

Nineteen away supporters’ coaches were parked on the site at the time.

Dozens of the Yorkshire club’s fans are said to have surged towards Portman Road in an attempt to cause trouble following Ipswich’s 2-1 win.

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Officers drove the hooligans back towards the coaches to ensure problems did not escalate.

At the weekend police said only five people were arrested during the afternoon for football-related offences.

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However, footage of the disorder recorded at the car park is now being examined.

Anyone identified committing an offence is likely to be summonsed to court at a later date, and could also face the possibility of a football banning order.

A spokesman for Suffolk Constabulary said: “Unfortunately there was an incident after the match where a group of around 30-40 away fans congregated and started to behave in a threatening manner towards other fans and the police.

“Police dogs were called in to support officers already on scene and the group was contained.

“Officers who attend football matches are aware that these situations can arise and it was dealt with quickly and professionally.

“The vast majority of fans were able to enjoy a good day out and a good game of football.”

It is believed a total of 27 fans from both sides were also ejected from Ipswich’s ground during the afternoon.

Last week police warned supporters to behave, particularly after the previous meeting between the teams in April 2007.

Town fans were pelted with bottles, coins and lighters at Elland Road, while players had to flee to the dressing room.

Leeds supporters charged on to the pitch to confront Ipswich fans after Alan Lee netted a late equaliser to secure a 1-1 draw which virtually relegated Leeds to League One.

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