Poll: Seafront funfairs at Felixstowe upsetting residents – is it fair?

George, six, and Nancy Mower, two, taking e a spin on a ride at a Felixstowe seafront funfair.

George, six, and Nancy Mower, two, taking e a spin on a ride at a Felixstowe seafront funfair. - Credit: Su Anderson

People living on Felixstowe seafront are calling for a new venue for the resort’s funfairs – claiming the events are making their lives a misery.

Residents of the Undercliffe flats in Undercliff Road West said the events – usually held over Easter and carnival weekends, and some years at Whitsun – cause noise, disruption, lighting problems and pollution.

Town councillors have said the events are part and parcel of living on the seafront in a seaside town, but agreed to take up their case to see if Suffolk Coastal will again review policy.

Speaking for residents of the flats opposite the Pier Bight funfair venue, Michael Wilson called for alternative sites to be looked at around the the town.

He said: “They do cause a nuisance for residents – noise, fumes from generators, strobe lighting, unruly behaviour, and so on, and it affects our lives while these events are on.

“It can be a very difficult four days each time a funfair is set up.

“My neighbours and I don’t feel we are getting a response from anyone concerning our problems and we want to know where we stand and no-one seems prepared to take this up on our behalf.

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“I think we should escalate our complaints and we want to know the next step.”

Nick Barber, a town councillor and chairman of Felixstowe Carnival, said the funfair was essential to the event’s success.

He said: “We have moved the carnival from Langer Park specifically to benefit the town – we got 3,000 people visiting Langer Park for the entertainment and now it is on the seafront we have 40,000 people. That is good for the whole town.

“We do our best to minimise problems such as noise and pollution by working with the funfair organisers and we will continue to do that again this year.

“There are only two funfairs a year at the moment and we do need to have something for the younger element and for families.”

Mayor Doreen Savage said Felixstowe was a recognised seaside resort and funfairs were the type of activity people would expect to find if living on the seafront. It was an issue for Suffolk Coastal to decide.

Councillors Peter Coleman and Andy Smith agreed to talk to the residents about the problems.

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