Princess Diana £10 note worth up to 100 times its face value to go under the hammer in Suffolk

The note is expected to sell for up to £1,200 Picture: ROWLEY'S AUCTIONEERS

The note is expected to sell for up to £1,200 Picture: ROWLEY'S AUCTIONEERS - Credit: ROWLEY'S AUCTIONEERS

A very special item created by the internationally renowned artist Banksy is going up for sale at a Newmarket auction today.

Rowley’s Auctioneers are selling the Diana £10 note, which shows the face of Princess Diana instead of the Queen – estimated to be worth between £800 and £1,200.

Will Axon, senior valuer and auctioneer, said: “The Princes Diana notes were deliberately designed to be controversial, un-intentionally or intentionally Diana became a divisive figure and these notes were a firm prod at the establishment. Banksy estimated that he printed roughly the equivalent, had they been genuine currency, of a £1million worth of Diana ‘£10’ notes.

“Not surprisingly many people have tried to produce fake versions of these notes because of their value.

“There are rather clever touches in the design, the front of the note says ‘Banksy of England’, instead of Bank of England and underneath Darwin’s image on the back of the note are the words ‘trust no one’, which is provocative in view of the many conspiracy stories surrounding Princess Diana.”

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