RAF investigating 'offensive video' alleged to feature Suffolk-based regiment

RAF Honington is home to the RAF Regiment and Police and the service's force protection wing Picture

The RAF Regiment is based at Honington - Credit: Gregg Brown

The RAF is investigating an “offensive video” in which troops reportedly appeared to sexually assault an airman in an initiation ritual.

Footage of the incident was obtained by the Daily Mail.

The newspaper said the video showed a naked airman being held down by drunken troops before they allegedly assaulted him.

The Daily Mail alleges that the incident involved members of the RAF Regiment, which is based at RAF Honington, near Ixworth. 

However, it is not clear what squadron was involved in the incident. 

The RAF Regiment deals with tasks relating to delivery of air power, including defence of airfields. 

An RAF spokeswoman said: “We have been made aware of an offensive video involving Royal Air Force personnel.

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“The RAF Police Special Investigation Branch is now investigating the incident shown in the video.

“It would be inappropriate to comment further while investigations are ongoing.”

The RAF said it does not tolerate bullying or initiation ceremonies, and that anyone not maintaining such standards would be investigated with appropriate disciplinary action taken.