Red Lodge: Camper van blaze tackled in Warren Road

A barn has been destroyed by fire in Somerton

A barn has been destroyed by fire in Somerton - Credit: Archant

A flaming camper van in Red Lodge has been dealt with by firefighters.

The vehicle blaze, in Warren Road, was reported at around 7.13pm. One fire crew from Mildenhall was sent to the scene and firefighters used to hose reels to put out the flames by 7.36pm.

A Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said the cause for this fire was believed to be “of a doubtful origin”.

Meanwhile one fire engine from Bury St Edmunds was sent to The Street in Horringer after reports of a chimney fire.

Crews found a smouldering fire in the chimney breast which they brought under control by 7.37pm.

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