Rede: Mechanic Anthony Dunning died six years after being paralysed in a freak accident which occured as he worked on his own car

Mechanic was working under his own car - stock photo

Mechanic was working under his own car - stock photo - Credit: Archant

A “talented hardworking” father died from complications relating to a freak accident six years ago which left him paralysed, an inquest has heard.

Former mechanic Anthony Dunning, 34, of Church Close, Rede, was crushed by a car he was working on.

The accident left him tetraplegic and in need of full time care, only able to communicate by blinking his eyes.

He died just after midnight on August 28 at West Suffolk Hospital after being admitted with bronchopneumonia.

At the Active Business Centre, in Bury St Edmunds, Coroner Dr Peter Dean said: “[In May 2008] a car that he was working underneath crashed on to him.

“Since the injury we hear he had been tetraplegic and only communicated by blinking.”

The coroner’s court heard that Mr Dunning was admitted to West Suffolk Hospital, in Bury St Edmunds, for the seventh time this year with bronchopneumonia shortly before his death on August 28.

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Dr Dean said: “In the medical reports we hear that in May 2008 he was working underneath his own car to fix the exhaust pipe when, according to that report, he accidentally touched something hot and kicked the jack from under the car.”

Referring to a report by Mr Dunning’s mother, Dr Dean said: “To give an impression of how Anthony was prior to this terrible accident he was described as a very hard working talented man.

“He had expertise in body repair and various other matters, he had a gift which he used to the full. He is described as someone who was a son, dad, brother and a best friend to many.”

The inquest recorded that Mr Dunning’s death was due to the traumatic head injury and hypoxic brain injury caused in 2008 alongside bronchopneumonia, acute kidney injury (failure) and a pseudo obstruction in the bowel.

Giving his verdict, Dr Dean said: “He died from long term consequences from an accident in 2008, the cause of the death being contributed to by medical complications.

“Following this very sad loss our thoughts are with the family, and all those close to him, on their loss in these very sad circumstances.”