Remarkable 11-year-old gives up chocolate for an entire year in memory of two grandparents

Lewis Offord digs into the chocolate after completing his 2015 new years resolution of giving up the

Lewis Offord digs into the chocolate after completing his 2015 new years resolution of giving up the treat for a year to raise money for charity in memory of his grandparents.

As the first week of January comes to a close, many battling doggedly to stick to their new year resolutions may have already caved in.

But one remarkable youngster from Otley has proved to be something of an inspiration after successfully keeping his resolution for the whole of 2015 by not eating a single bite of chocolate, in memory of his step-grandmother.

Lewis Offord, now 11, of Chapel Road in Otley decided to give up chocolate for 2015 as his new year resolution, but after his step-grandma Margaret Martin died in April aged 59 as a result of cancer, the challenge took on a greater meaning as he vowed to continue avoiding the treat to raise money for Macmillan.

“We didn’t think an 11-year-old could stick to a resolution like that,” proud mum Jayne Jackson, 44, said.

“But he stuck out the whole thing until New Year’s Day this year where he had his first bite of chocolate again.

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“It’s something he really wanted to do – he does struggle with his weight but whatever he does he gives 100%.”

Tragedy struck the family again when Lewis’ grandfather Brian Offord died on December 27, also as a result of cancer, just days before Lewis’ challenge was completed.

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“We had a really hard year with losing people and my dad becoming ill with leukaemia, but he still didn’t give in which I think is remarkable for an 11-year-old,” Mrs Jackson added.

“The Otley Primary School pupil was so committed to the cause that he refused to eat anything with chocolate on, even having a birthday cake baked with three quarters chocolate covered for his friends and a plain coating on his portion,

With the care Lewis’ grandfather and step-grandmother received from Macmillan, the 11-year-old was keen to give back to the charity, having so far raised £120 with more donations still to come.

Mrs Jackson concluded: “It was so surprising because he loves chocolate, and he said he wanted to do it for Macmillan so I am so proud of him.

“He is such a determined lovely boy and I have never known anybody to be so practical at 11-years-old.”

To donate to Lewis’ cause, visit

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