Podcast producer looking for leads on Rendlesham Forest 'UFO incident'

Gary Baker and Colonel Charles I. Halt walk the UFO trail in Rendlesham Forest. Picture: TOM POTTER

A new podcast on the famous Rendlesham Forest incident is going to be produced - Credit: Archant

The producer of a new podcast about the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident in December 1980 is appealing for people who lived in the area at the time to get in touch and share their stories.

A team from AV Club Productions is currently working hard pulling together evidence ahead of the recording, which is expected to be available on all major podcast channels from spring 2022.

The podcast will look at a series of reported sightings of a UFO close to Rendlesham Forest - the first sighting was made on December, 26, 1980, with more recorded in the days afterwards. 

Rendlesham Forest where Col. Charles Halt (Retired) returned to try and explain the 1980 UFO sightin

The Rendlesham Forest Incident took place in December 1980 - Credit: Archant

Donna Mackay-Smith, producer at AV Club Productions, said "We are essentially navigating how to approach it (the podcast) at the moment."

Describing what made the incident a tempting story to research, she said: "The fact that it is UK-based makes it interesting because you hear a lot of these stories and lot of them are American and international.

"There is a lot about the story that is really interesting, the fact that it evolved over two or numerous nights and the fact that there were multiple witnesses.

"Given the stature of those witnesses as well, these were high ranking officials who claim or allege to have seen something."

She added: "Normally when it happens it is a singular event or sighting by one person on their own but the fact is there is so much detail is really interesting and there is a lot to unpick - that makes a good story."

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The team behind the podcast has already spoken to three first-hand witnesses with Miss Mackay-Smith saying she is keen to interview "some of the major players in the story".

She added: "As you might expect some witnesses are willing to speak and some aren't." 

Rendlesham Forest where Col. Charles Halt (Retired) returned to try and explain the 1980 UFO sightin

The Rendlesham Forest incident is so famous it even has its very own trail - Credit: Archant

More than 40 years on from the famous incident, the production team is finding it challenging to get in touch with the older generation that may have seen something unusual in December 1980. 

If you lived in Rendlesham at the time of the incident, or know someone who did, you can get in touch with team producing the podcast by emailing -  info@avclubproductions.com

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