Rendlesham: Infamous UFO sighting revisited in sci-fi thriller

Still from The Rendlesham UFO Incident

Still from The Rendlesham UFO Incident - Credit: Archant

A sci-fi thriller linked to the events of a widely discussed possible extra-terrestrial encounter in Suffolk is to be released in cinemas across the world in the coming months.

Written and directed by Daniel Simpson, The Rendlesham UFO Incident as it will be known in the UK, and Hangar 10 in the US and Japan, takes place 33 years after the infamous encounter.

The film, which is of the found footage genre, centres around three metal detector enthusiasts hunting for Saxon gold in the same region, who capture footage of UFOs while filming their expedition for a documentary. As night falls – and with their navigation equipment failing – the trio find themselves facing a terrifying encounter with an unforgiving alien presence.

Mr Simpson, who lives in Lower Ufford, said: “We started filming about three and a half years ago.

“We filmed in Rendlesham Forest over a period of two years, filming five weeks in day time, and two to three weeks at night.

“This is the very first movie to have ever been made about the case. Many TV documentaries have been made but never a film for cinema.”

Every location they filmed at is portrayed in the film.

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Talking about the filming, especially at night, Mr Simpson said: “At first I was completely intrigued by the forest.

“Going in at night was a bit scary at first but after a while you realise there’s nothing much going on at all, you don’t see many animals or aliens.

“I was aware of the incident, but we had to invent our own story. We didn’t base it on what happened, but it links in with the 1980 story, and answers some of the questions brought up.”

The film, written alongside Adam Preston, was funded by Altitude film Entertainment and produced by Newscope Films.

It stars Robert Curtis, Danny Shayler, and Abbie Salt.

Mr Simpson added: “There’s some great locations here in Suffolk.

“We’re hoping to screen it locally.”

The news of the film’s release comes as a policeman turned UFO investigator has claimed that a letter by one of the witnesses to his mother proves that what the men saw was a UFO and not an elaborate hoax or lights from Orford Lighthouse.

The movie will premiere the Colchester Film Festival on October 22, before being released in the US on November 7. It is scheduled for release in the UK on February 9.