Elderly man's death caused by 'neglect' from care home

Chilton Meadows Residential and Nursing Home.

Roland Stannard was a resident at Chilton Meadows Residential and Nursing Home - Credit: Gregg Brown /Ali Green

An elderly man who was left sitting on a commode chair for 13 hours overnight died as the result of neglect at a Suffolk care home, an inquest has concluded.

Speaking after the coroner's verdict, Roland Stannard's daughter, Ali Green, said: "I am glad that the truth has come out.

"I can't bring my dad back but I can get justice for my dad. 

"I just want to be sure I've done as much as I can do to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else and somebody else's family."

Mrs Green said she would support a further CQC inspection of the home following the inquest's conclusion. 

Mr Stannard, 81, a resident at the Bupa-run Chilton Meadows Care Home had been admitted to the West Suffolk Hospital 24 days after suffering from a serious pressure sore on his sacrum.

He had only been a resident at the home for a matter of weeks when he was left sitting on a commode chair overnight on August 22.

The inquest heard that Mr Stannard would have been sat there for at least 13 hours. During this time no changes were made to his incontinence pad.

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It was this incident that triggered the development of the sore.

Also contributing to the situation was changes made to a drug taken by Mr Stannard to treat his long term vertigo migraines which through miscommunication and miscoordination were stopped by medical professionals.

This lack of medication would have contributed to Mr Stannard remaining on his chair and masked his physical condition.

Senior coroner Nigel Parsley concluded that Mr Stannard's death in hospital on October 3, 2020, had been the result of a an infection caused by the sore which had been a direct result of being left it on the chair and changes to his medication.

Concluding, Mr Parsley said that "being left seated for a protracted overnight period, unsupervised and without the required basic care, amounts to neglect".

Linda Burrows, regional director for Chilton Meadows, said: “We are deeply sorry for the errors in Mr Stannard’s care and our thoughts are with his family.

“We have since made significant changes to prevent this happening again.

"These include further training for colleagues and increased staffing across the home. We’ve also appointed experienced unit managers to oversee changes who are having a positive impact across the home.”

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