Rubbish Panthers thrashed at Swindon

Swindon Robins 62 Peterborough Panthers 30PANTHERS produced easily their worst performance of the season as they were totally blown away by the Robins on a slick and initially tricky track surface at the Abbey stadium.

Swindon Robins 62 Peterborough Panthers 30

PANTHERS produced easily their worst performance of the season as they were totally blown away by the Robins on a slick and initially tricky track surface at the Abbey stadium.

Their cause wasn't helped by the late arrival of Henning Bager and Claus Vissing who got caught up in a traffic jam on the M25, with the pair eventually arriving just prior to heat 7.

This wasn't the main reason for the defeat however as a combination of slick trapping and some determined passing from the home side, saw them better in every position with only Mads Korneliussen coming out of the match with any real credit.

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Right from the start it looked like it wasn't going to be Panthers night as Ryan Fisher determinedly held of Iversen for third place in heat 1.

Hansen managed to split the home pairing in heat 2 despite being the only Panthers representative and it was a busy start for Hansen who then covered for the missing Bager and Vissing in heats 3 and 4, as Panthers slipped further behind.

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A very early taken tactical ride from Niels Kristian Iversen in heat 5 didn't come off as the home pairing blasted away to leave him trailing and the misfortunes continued in heat 6 as Hansen touched the tapes and was forced to go off 15 metres.

Henning Bager and Claus Vissing arrived in the pits as heat 7 was due to get underway with Bager forced to start 15 metres after just failing to meet the 2 minute time allowance, but he pushed Hurry all the way despite being unable to find a way past.

Claus Vissing fell whilst chasing the home pairing in his opening ride in heat 8 and the Robins stretched their lead with a comfortable 5-1 in the rerun.

Bjerre and Hansen actually made the gate in heat 9 only for the referee to rule an unsatisfactory start and it was no surprise when the home pairing turned the tables in the restart as the Robins took the heat with another 5-1 to extend their advantage to 26 points.

Swindon recorded their 10th consecutive heat advantage in the last race before the interval with Korneliussen out trapping McGowan and managing to hold him off for the entire race.

A team meeting during the interval clearly had some desired effect because Iversen and Dryml shot away from the tapes in heat 11; Zagar managed to get past Dryml but made no impression on Iversen as the Panthers took their first race win and advantage on the night.

Simon Stead completed his 5 ride paid maximum by outpacing tactical ride Korneliussen in heat 12 but Swindon were at it again in 13 with a Adams led 4-2 with Zagar earning the wrath of the home camp with a very naughty turn and pass on Iversen on the 3rd/4th bend.

Yet another Swindon maximum in heat 14 left the Panthers struggling to reach 30 points, but they managed it courtesy of a last race 3-3 from Iversen and Korneliussen despite another hard opening lap from Matej Zagar.

It's hoped that Panthers can make some amends in their second match at Lakeside today but this match can be fairly well summed up by the fact that Panthers provided only one heat winner but managed 12 last places.

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