Scottish Referendum: Are you a Suffolk or Essex Scot? We want to hear your thoughts on today’s history-making vote

Flags being waved at the Scottish IndyRef. Photo: David Palmer

Flags being waved at the Scottish IndyRef. Photo: David Palmer - Credit: Archant

Today Scotland is voting on whether to split from the rest of the United Kingdom and become an independent country.

Scottish IndyRef. Photo: David Palmer

Scottish IndyRef. Photo: David Palmer - Credit: Archant

Polling opened at 7am today with many news outlets predicting it will be a close run affair.

Both sides have been wheeling out celebrities and political heavyweights to try and back up their arguments.

Author JK Rowling has supported the Better Together campaign while tennis star Andy Murray today came down on the side of a Yes vote.

Key issues facing Scots voting today centre around the future of the NHS and defence forces, North Sea oil reserves and what currency an independent Scotland might use.

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Audrey Boyle, a Scot living in Suffolk, said: “Regardless of where you fall in the Independence debate you can’t fail to be impressed at the motivation and political awakening of the Scottish people – Yes and Nos.

“An unprecedented 97% of the eligible population has registered to vote. There’s expected to be an 80-85% turn-out at the polls. Young people are holding animated discussions on street corners. I feel proud of them all.

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“In my opinion it’s not about nationalism and it’s certainly not anti-English. It’s about ordinary people realizing they have a voice. Realising they don’t have to be unwilling passengers in a political system they consistently don’t vote for.

“This has been a week like no other; the eyes of the world are on Scotland. Regardless of the outcome of Thursday’s vote, there will be repercussions. For the Scots themselves, for Westminster-based government, for the UK as a whole and for the rest of Europe.

“It’s been an electrifying debate which has shone the spotlight on media impartiality, questioned the nature of democracy and shaken the establishment.

“Both sides have valid points to make: If we’re Better Together, why aren’t we better together now? Scotland will be more financially stable as part of the Union.

“The reality however is that one in three children in Glasgow remain in poverty, the number of foodbanks are growing every week and there’s a steady and depressing deterioration of many ex-mining towns in Ayrshire and the central belt.

“These are terrible monuments to a failing social agenda, not just in Scotland, but all over Britain.”

The result is expected to be announced early tomorrow morning, some time after the last council area returns its votes around 6am.

Are you a Scot living in Suffolk? How do you think a Yes or No vote would affect the country, the rest of the United Kingdom and you personally? Email or tweet @EADT23 or IpswichStar24

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