Shoppers hurt in town centre dog fight terror

TWO women have been arrested after two dogs were involved in a fight in Ipswich town centre today.

BRAVE shoppers are recovering today after being injured in a desperate battle to stop two dogs fighting in Ipswich town centre.

Stunned onlookers gathered in horror after two dogs, one believed to be a Bull Mastiff and the other the west highland terrier became involved in a fight on the Cornhill just after 4pm yesterday.

Police and bystanders desperately tried prize open the jaws of the bigger dog which had grabbed the other dog.

Witnesses told how it had swung it around before shoppers jumped on its back.

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The smaller dog is believed to be being treated at the vets for “puncture wounds” and the other is being held in police kennels after the incident in the town centre of Ipswich.

Two women, who were with the larger dog, were arrested for allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place. The dog is being held in police kennels after being checked by a vet.

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One dog was sprayed by police officers with dog repellent spray, in an attempt to break up the fight.

Market trader Gary Cox witnessed the “shocking” incident and said he thought the smaller dog would have died from its injuries.

He said: “There was suddenly lots of screaming. The big dog grabbed another little dog and swung it around.

“Someone jumped on the back of the big dog to try and get it to put the little dog down and stop swinging it around.

“Someone else grabbed a bar and had to crank its jaws open and it was sprayed by police with pepper spray.

“There were people grabbing hold of the dog and grabbing at it to stop.”

Mr Cox said the smaller dog was grabbed around the head and neck area. He added: “It was a white dog and by the end of the attack it was stained with blood.

“It was not nice to see.”

A spokeswoman for Suffolk police said two members of the public were injured in the incident.

A woman is believed to have sustained cuts to her fingers after intervening. She was treated at the scene by paramedics.

She said: “A male sustained shoulder injuries but declined medical attention. He appears to be the hero of the situation. He helped get the dog onto the floor, helping police officers by pinning it down.”

Mr Cox said he believed a girl of about 12 years old was also injured in the incident, sustaining injuries to her fingers.

He said: “She was trying to help and it looked like she had her fingers bit.”

The area was cordoned off by officers.

- Were you the owner of the smaller dog or one of the people who tried to help get the dogs apart? Contact the news desk on 01473 324788.

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