Six people hurt in roundabout crash

THREE people have been taken to hospital by ambulance and three others injured in a collision between two cars in Kesgrave tonight.

Russell Claydon

THREE people were taken to hospital on spinal boards and three others were injured in a collision between two cars in Kesgrave tonight.

A white Corsa and a black, Renault Clio collided on a roundabout on the A1214 Main Road at around 8.50pm.

Firefighters had to use specialist cutting equipment to free one of the casualties.

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A police spokesperson said none of the injuries were life threatening and that the collision had blocked the roundabout and forced them to put diversions in place.

An East of England Ambulance spokesperson said three injured people were removed from the vehicles on spinal boards as a precautionary measure. They were taken to Ipswich Hospital.

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At 10.30pm a Suffolk police spokesperson said one of the vehicles had been recovered but one lane still remained closed to the public until the other car was removed.

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