Anti-Sizewell C campaigners deliver 10,000 signature petition to Downing St opposing n-power station

Alison Downes, of Stop Sizewell C, and Chris Wilson, of TASC, at Downing Street Picture: STOP SIZEWE

Alison Downes, of Stop Sizewell C, and Chris Wilson, of TASC, at Downing Street Picture: STOP SIZEWELL C/TASC - Credit: Archant

A petition of 10,000 signatures has been handed in to Downing Street by anti-Sizewell C campaigners.

Campaigners from Stop Sizewell C and Together Against Sizewell C (TASC) delivered the petition containing over 10,400 signatures opposing the twin reactor nuclear power station to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Treasury and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

It calls on the Government to stop Sizewell C with campaigners arguing that “it would be risky, slow and - at £20 billion - massively expensive”.

They argue that funds would be better used looking at renewable energy and storage, arguing that the nuclear site would not positively contribute to net zero until 2040.

Alison Downes of Stop Sizewell C said: “With government on the brink of major decisions about our future energy, there is plenty of evidence that Sizewell C would have no “upside”.

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“Not only is it expensive and risky, it is also slow, unable to deploy for years after the Prime Minister’s target of 40GW of offshore wind.”

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Pete Wilkinson, of TASC, said: “Opposition to Sizewell C is strengthening, as these 10,000 signatures bear witness to, and neither we nor the signatories to this petition are alone. Numerous organisations, including RSPB and Suffolk Wildlife Trust oppose it, along with at least 10 town and parish councils.

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“Suffolk County Council “cannot support” EDF’s plans as the putative benefits of Sizewell C are significantly outweighed by the disbenefits of the proposed development. Sizewell C, if it was ever built, would be a white elephant development on an eroding coast leaving behind a massively diminished environment, a weakened tourism industry and a lethal nuclear waste legacy.”

A spokesman for EDF said: “Sizewell C will generate always-on, low carbon electricity made in Britain which will underpin a big expansion of renewables and kick-start new green technologies like hydrogen.

“The UK has a strong nuclear heritage and the most recent UK polling found that 72% of people favour it as part of the low carbon energy mix.

“Sizewell C would provide around 7% of the UK’s electricity, that’s enough for around six million homes, even when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine.

“Suffolk will gain a boost in jobs, education, skills and training for years to come through Sizewell C and our local businesses could be part of the supply chain.”

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