Sizewell B worker goes back to school - to encourage pupils to follow in his footsteps

Sizewell B Gavin Rousseau

Gavin Rousseau, who started as an apprentice at Sizewell B and is now a manager at the complex, spoke about his work to Alde Valley students - Credit: EDF ENERGY

A Sizewell B worker returned to his old school to talk about working at the nuclear power plant - and encourage them to look at apprenticeships at the complex.

Gavin Rousseau joined the station as an apprentice in 1991 and is now a manager at the station, which has just celebrated its 26th anniversary of producing low carbon electricity.

Mr Rousseau returned to his high school, Alde Valley Academy, in Leiston, to talk about this career.

He said: "It was great to go back to school, albeit via google classrooms.  I remember my time at what was then Leiston High School well and always hoped I would carve a career for myself at Sizewell B having seen local people do well at Sizewell A. 

"The reason I go back is to let young people know about the opportunities on their doorstep.  Sizewell B offers well paid apprenticeships and Sizewell C aims to bring a further 1500 apprenticeships to the area.”

How much power Sizewell B generated last year

How much power Sizewell B generated last year - Credit: EDF ENERGY

Daniel Mayhew, Alde Valley Academy headteacher, said: "The session with Gavin was great for our students. They were able to see how a local person who was in their position, in their school, has been able to be so successful.

"He talked about how hard work and perseverance is needed to be successful in any career and the importance of working as part of a team.

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"At Alde Valley Academy we are constantly reinforcing the fact that it takes character to be successful and raise the aspirations of our students. Gavin has shown them that local success is possible with these attributes."

Sizewell was connected to the grid on February 14, 1995, and has produced enough electricity since then to power over 60million homes and has saved 79m tonnes of Co2 emissions.

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