Sizewell: Nuclear power station back to full power after turbine fault

SIZEWELL B nuclear power station is now back at full capacity after repairs were made to one of its two turbines.

Owners EDF Energy took turbine generator 2 offline a little under a fortnight ago after a steam leak was discovered in some pipe work.

It meant the power station’s output was cut by 50%, although it was still enough to serve about one million customers.

An investigation was launched and engineers were called in to repair the damage.

That work was completed shortly after 7.30pm on Sunday and the power station was restored to full power.

Jim Crawford, Sizewell B station director, said: “Excellent teamwork between our staff at Sizewell B, EDF Energy headquarters and our contractors allowed us to successfully repair this length of pipework, swiftly and safely.

“The fact that we moved so quickly to shutdown Turbine 2 is further evidence of our over-riding commitment to safety in everything we do at Sizewell B power station.”

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The turbines are away from the nuclear area of the site and bosses have assured the problem did not present a safety risk.

Meanwhile EDF Energy’s plans to build a new nuclear power station at Sizewell have received a boost after a similar project in Somerset moved a step closer.

The Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) has accepted an application for a new reactor and associated development at Hinkley Point.

The plans will now be taken forward for examination and people will soon be able to register an interest in the application and make formal representations to the IPC.

The examination and decision making process is expected to take about a year.

In addition to plans to build and operate two nuclear reactors, the submission includes proposals for a �20m community fund and a �5m housing fund.

A total of �40m will also be spent on road improvements and a range of other services from skills and training through to education, leisure and health.

While the application has no direct bearing on what will happen at Sizewell C is does mean that EDF’s proposals for Suffolk are still on track

A spokeswoman for the power company said they welcomed the IPC’s acceptance of the plans.

Commenting on the proposals for Suffolk she said: “The next major milestone for the Sizewell C project will be the start of public consultation which remains on schedule to begin next year.”

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