Sky cast spectacular shades of red and orange in beautiful sunrise across Suffolk

The sunrise over Ipswich this morning

The sunrise over Ipswich this morning - Credit: Archant

Were you up early enough to see this spectacular sunrise across East Anglia this morning?

At around 7am, the sky was cast shades of deep reds and oranges in East Anglia.

Weatherquest forecaster Chris Bell alerted people to the upcoming display just before 7am, tweeting: “Pretty epic sunrise about to happen in the Norwich area (and perhaps further afield as well)...”

In fact, the sunrise could be seen across Suffolk too, as shown by this photograph taken by EADT and Ipswich Star news editor Brad Jones from his back garden.

Describing why the sunrise was so vivid, Mr Bell said: “We had some ragged layers of the stratocumulus clouds as the sun was rising. It was shining up onto the underneath side of the cloud.

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“That’s why you got all those beautiful reds and oranges underneath the cloud, but as the sun rose above that the sky went back to grey.”

He added that in 10 years of working for Weatherquest, from a third floor office based at the University of East Anglia Campus in Norwich, it was one of the most spectacular sunrises he had seen.

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“I work in a third floor office. I looked out the window and in the very, very first few moments of twilight it was an unbelievable shade of dark red.

“I don’t know if I have ever seen that before. I was seeing it over the horizon.”

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