Slimmer's New Year joy

SUPER slimmer Alison Semple has more reasons than most to celebrate this New Year.

SUPER slimmer Alison Semple has more reasons than most to celebrate this New Year.

For the determined 35-year-old has shed five stone and two pounds to become one of the faces of a national advertising campaign for an online dieting service.

Mrs Semple, from Mendlesham, decided she wanted to lose weight when she tipped the scales at nearly fourteen-and-a-half stone and was wearing size 24 clothes.

She is now a trim size 10 and is enjoying a new lease of life with husband David, who she married last year.

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She lost the weight using an online GI plan - a diet which cuts out all foods high in sugar and transformed her daily eating habits.

Mrs Semple said: “I would binge eat on things like pizzas, takeaways, chips, sweets and biscuits - I wouldn't just treat myself to one or two. During the day at work wasn't too bad but it was when I got home in the evenings or at weekends that the problems arose.

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“I just woke up one day and thought, 'I don't want to be fat anymore'. That was basically it - no other reason.

“I signed up to the GI plan and it was hard at first because you're coming off everything straightaway - I suppose it's a bit like a drug. However, after the first couple of weeks it got easier and I didn't miss the sugary food at all.”

As well as the strict eating regime Mrs Semple also had 30 minutes exercise four or five times a week on a treadmill at her home.

Mrs Semple signed up to the GI plan in May last year on - which helped create personalised eating plans to suit her needs.

She has now been chosen by the supermarket as the new face of its advertising campaign to promote the website.

She said: “I initially signed up for three months because I thought if it didn't work I would leave. I was over the moon when I lost so much weight as it has totally transformed my life in so many ways.

“However, little did I imagine it would also lead to a career as a model. It was a brilliant day - we went down to London for a photo shoot and nobody wanted to go home.”

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