Soham/Newmarket: Shed flies towards driver on his way to work

The remains of the shed that got blown away

The remains of the shed that got blown away - Credit: Mr Pananikolau

QUICK thinking engineer Vassilis Papanikolaou had a lucky escape when he spotted this uprooted shed flying towards him on a Cambridgeshire road today.

“I was driving out of Soham towards Newmarket - going to work- when this large shed/mini barn, got blown off by the winds right onto my path,” he said.

“I had to do an emergency break to avoid hitting it.”

Mr Pananikolau, who was first on scene along the Fordham Road, stopped to call the police and then took these dramatic photos with his mobile phone.

“It all happened right before my eyes,” he said. “A flashing lights unit arrived shortly after and closed the road.”

Among Mr Pananikolau’s hobbies is astronomy but in this instance using a simple camera on a mobile phone brought him right down to earth!

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