Southwold: Suffolk seaside attraction is more of a must-see than British Museum

A POPULAR seaside attraction in Suffolk is ranked within the top 10 “things to do in Britain” in a new travel guide.

The latest Rough Guide to Britain hails the Under the Pier Show at Southwold as its number nine, above heavyweights such as The British Museum, The Edinburgh Festival and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London.

The Under the Pier Show is the brainchild of inventor Tim Hunkin, who has created most of the quirky arcade-style machines in the attraction at Southwold Pier.

Mr Hunkin, 61, who lives about five miles inland from Southwold, said it was “very funny” to be ahead of The British Museum.

“It is impressive. I have never done any marketing or anything. I have never advertised. It’s just one of those things that’s spread by word of mouth. I just prefer to be in my workshop making things.”

Mr Hunkin said the Under the Pier Show really began in 2002, so it was enjoying its 10-year anniversary this year.

He is currently working on his next invention which is about “training people to be Somali pirates”. That should be ready for the public to enjoy from July.

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Mr Hunkin said: “I’m thrilled the machines are popular. It was my hobby. I love making them. To carry on with such enthusiasm you need to feel there’s a point in it and to see people having a good time with them, that makes me happy.”

The Under the Pier Show is the only Suffolk-specific attraction listed within 32 top picks.

The Rough Guide to Britain also says Southwold is “extraordinarily pretty”.

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