St Edmundsbury nominations

ST EDMUNDSBURYAll out electionAbbeygate (2 vacancies): Michael Ames (Ind), Paul Farmer (Con), Brian Lockwood (Ind)Bardwell (1): John Hale (Con), James Lumley (UKIP)Barningham (1): James Simmons (Con) unopposedBarrow (1): Ian Houlder (Con) unopposedCavendish (1): Peter Stevens (Con) unopposedChedburgh (1): Nigel Aitkens (Con) unopposedClare (1): Jeffrey Stevens (Con) unopposedEastgate (1): Leslie Button (Lab), Patricia Warby (Con)Fornham (1): Michael Jones (Con) unopposedGreat Barton (1): Margaret Horbury (Con)Haverhill East (3): Gordon Cox (Con), Ernest Goody (Lab), Patrick Hanlon (Lab), Susan Howard (Lab), Janet Johns


All out election

Abbeygate (2 vacancies): Michael Ames (Ind), Paul Farmer (Con), Brian Lockwood (Ind)

Bardwell (1): John Hale (Con), James Lumley (UKIP)

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Barningham (1): James Simmons (Con) unopposed

Barrow (1): Ian Houlder (Con) unopposed

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Cavendish (1): Peter Stevens (Con) unopposed

Chedburgh (1): Nigel Aitkens (Con) unopposed

Clare (1): Jeffrey Stevens (Con) unopposed

Eastgate (1): Leslie Button (Lab), Patricia Warby (Con)

Fornham (1): Michael Jones (Con) unopposed

Great Barton (1): Margaret Horbury (Con)

Haverhill East (3): Gordon Cox (Con), Ernest Goody (Lab), Patrick Hanlon (Lab), Susan Howard (Lab), Janet Johnson (Con), David Rosen (Con)

Haverhill North (3): Phillip French (Lab), John Harris (Con), Laurence (known as Gerry) Kiernan (Lab), Timothy Marks (Con), Edgar Morton (C), Ann Thomas (Lab)

Haverhill South (2): Pippa Farthing (Con), Maggie Lee (Lab), Mary Martin (Lab), Dorothy Whittaker (Con)

Haverhill West (2): Lynne Brixius (Lab), Jeremy Farthing (Con), Julie Jupp (Lab), Adam Whittaker (Con)

Horringer & Whelnetham (1): Bert Biglin (Ind), Terence Clements (Con)

Hundon (1): Margaret Warwick (Con) unopposed

Ixworth (1): John Griffiths (Con) unopposed

Kedington (1): Alan Pearson (Lab), Geoffrey Rushbrooke (C)

Minden (2): Margaret Charlesworth (Con), Colin Muge (Lab), Ray Nowak (Lab), Derek Speakman (Con)

Moreton Hall (3): Trevor Beckwith (Lab), Terence Buckle (Con), Anthony Jones (Lab), Francis Warby (Con), Elle Zwandahl (Lab)

Northgate (1): Eric Flack (Con), David Lockwood (Lab), Richard Mortlock (Ind)

Pakenham (1): David Chappell (LD), Christopher Spicer (Con)

Risby (1): Helen Levack (Con) unopposed

Risbygate (2): Mark Ereira-Guyer (Lab), Robert Everitt (Con), Jennifer Hart (Lab), David Nettleton (Ind)

Rougham (1): Adrian Grenville (Lab), Sara Mildmay-White (Con)

Stanton (1): Jim Thorndyke (Con) unopposed

St Olaves (2) Robert Cockle (Lab), George Cockram (Con), Hugh Tracey Forster (Con), Sheila Wormleighton (Lab)

Southgate (2): David Bradbury (LD), Paul Hopfensperger (Con), Allan Jones (LD), Martin Milnes (Con)

Westgate (2): Desmond Astley-Cooper (LD), Robert Corfe (Lab), Stefan Oliver (Con), Gerry Taylor (LD), Andrew Varley (Con), Roger Walters (Ind)

Wickhambrook (1) Alexander Bridges (Con), Derek Redhead (Ind)

Withersfield (1) Robert Clifton-Brown (Con) unopposed.

Key: Conservative (Con), Labour (Lab), Liberal Democrat (LD), Independent (Ind), UK Independence Party (UKIP).

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