St Osyth: Chalet owners anger over winter eviction

CHALET owners in St Osyth say they are outraged at the council’s plans to evict them from their properties.

Last Thursday Tendring District Council (TDC) issued breach of condition notices to 32 chalets in the Point Clear Bay area. The council say occupants are flouting the rules by living there continuously all year round despite current regulations stating they should be vacated between November and February.

TDC says the chalets are in a flood risk area and the move is part of the council’s ongoing planning enforcement programme. TDC also says the move is to prevent the area becoming a “pocket of deprivation”.

But Point Clear Bay Residents’ Association?say they are not breaking the law and claim their title deeds do not impose any restrictions on length of occupancy.

Chairwoman Mandy Kelly said: “We have bought or privately rent a bungalow which is not a seaside home. The Title Deeds which govern the covenants and restrictions of the property do not have any restrictions with regard to limited occupancy. The properties are therefore fully residential.

“Tendring District Council are going to evict us on the basis that we live “in a flood risk area”. The properties overlooking the sea front – Eastern Promenade and Western Promenade – are not being served with Breach of Condition Notices.

“It could be argued these properties are at the most risk from flood. Why are these residents not being evicted?

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“The sea has not flooded since 1953 and sea defences have been built since then. Will the sea only flood between November and February but not March to October?

“TDC say they do not want this area to become a ‘pocket of deprivation’. So 32 properties are allowed to be lived in during the months from March to October but yet the area would “become a pocket of deprivation” if the 32 properties were lived in during the months from November to February?

“What an outrage. We are not degenerates nor are we deprived of anything. We are decent law-abiding citizens.”

TDC’s planning chief Carlo Guglielmi said there are different conditions placed on properties and according to officers, the chalet occupants in Point Clear Bay are breaching theirs.

He said: “The planning department is only aware of the condition placed on these 32 properties. Different buildings, depending on when they are built, have different conditions imposed on them.

“We have not had any direct contact from the chalet residents yet but if individuals have other information we will investigate.”

The compliance notices have given the residents 17 months warning to find alternative accommodation.

Mr Guglielmi said similar action had been taken at Bel Air Chalet Park and resulted in all residents finding somewhere else to live for the winter months.

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