Standing up to the bullies

WE are all very much aware that bullying can be an issue in schools, but many people also realise that bullying exists in one degree or other within the workplace.

My question is this: are we willing to stand up for ourselves or just allow bullying to continue at work?

My experience of bullying behaviour at work, when working as a employee before starting my own business, either involved power-seeking bosses acting like mini dictators, wanting to prove a point ,or, at the other end of scale, insecure employees that saw me as some kind of threat.

Although these people tried extremely hard to make life uncomfortable for me, I made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to bow-down to their bullying tactics, which presented itself in a variety of different ways such as me being ignored, talked about behind my back, and other emotional methods.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t my first experience of being bullied. My early encounters happened while I was still at school. I recall several incidents such as having grass rubbed into my mouth, being pushed into the school lockers, and a situation that escalated into to a full blown “fist-fight” with another girl. These were just some of my physical encounters; the emotional bullying which also existed left scars embedded into my mind for many years afterwards.

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What I’ve come realise through all the trials of being bullied, is that it’s important to talk to someone concerning personal/work related issues. I was lucky enough to have the support of my family and a few close friends, who offered me support and practical guidance.

Of course the other option concerning bullying is having the courage to stand up for yourself, not necessary by using forceful means either.

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I was once told a story by a very wise martial arts master. He explained that once in Korea a young man was strolling through the mountains when suddenly he was confronted by a fierce tiger.

The young man decided that if he ran away the tiger would eventually catch up to him and eat him.

With this in mind he stood his ground and faced the large animal head on, starring directly into his eyes. The tiger sensed his immense courage and eventually retreated, sparing the young person his life.

If anyone is experiencing bullying at work or other related issues, you can seek out further professional help by visiting – they have some great advice on how to deal with workplace bullying.

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