Stowmarket: Fire fighters keep it in the family

IT is an example of “like father, like son” – and daughter – for one firefighting family.

Melanie Jackson, 31, of Starling Way, Stowmarket, now sits next to her father, Paul Finch, 55, and her brother Gavin Finch, 33, in the fire engine when they are called out to an emergency.

In joining the retained fire station in Lockington Road, Stowmarket, Mrs Jackson has become the first female firefighter to be based there.

“I have been interested in it because my dad’s been in the fire service for 28 years, it’s always been a part of my life,” Mrs Jackson said.

“It makes me feel great, I have loved it and I am proud that I have achieved it. I just cannot wait to go out there and help people and help the community.”

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Mrs Jackson said she had enjoyed the job so far but had a few issues with her height – she’s 5ft tall.

“There are a few issues that get in the way of my height but I take everything in and nothing gets in my way.”

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So far Mrs Jackson has been called out to two emergencies but on both occasions the crew was not required to assist.

When she is not in her uniform, Mrs Jackson works at the family’s business, Flame Skill, which sells firefighting equipment.

Mrs Jackson suffered a setback in January when she broke her foot which put the training for her new role back by five months.

But Mrs Jackson still attended every drill night even if it meant just watching the training.

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