Stowmarket: Foodbank helps family living on bread and jam

Delia Smith at the launch of the Stowmarket Foodbank at Stowmarket Town Council Offices.

Delia Smith at the launch of the Stowmarket Foodbank at Stowmarket Town Council Offices. - Credit: Andrew Partridge

AN ORGANISER of a foodbank has described how one family had been eating only “bread and jam” before they received their help.

Stowmarket Foodbank has delivered 80 parcels to people in the area since it was launched last September.

Before Christmas Hazel Smith, who helps run the food bank from New Life Family Church, warned there was a “massive need” in the area.

Josephine Lea, one of the organisers, said: “We are getting some nice donations and we are hoping it will keep up because obviously it’s still fairly new.

“I believe there are some foodbanks that are struggling to get the food.

“Stowmarket Town Council have been an incredible help and the Rotary Clubs and the Lions and all the churches.

“We have to have money to go out and get the perishable goods. It’s all going very well, but it’s very sad that there’s a need in a country like ours, where people are going hungry.

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“One family that got a parcel said ‘it’s fantastic’. They had only been eating bread and jam.”

She said she wished to thank all of the foodbank’s supporters for their help over the Christmas period.

The foodbank was launched by TV cook Delia Smith in an opening ceremony outside the Stowmarket Town Council offices.

It is being run by Stowmarket Churches Together and can supply food to people in the town and the surrounding areas.

Food can be donated in the red boxes located at local churches, Stowmarket Town Council and Citizens Advice Bureau.

Applicants to the foodbank need to be referred by an organisation like the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The foodbank has been described as a “full-time operation”. To find out more call New Life Family Church on 01449 774000.

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