40-year-old gymnastics club desperate for new home

Mid Suffolk Gymnastics Club want to expand their current operations

Mid Suffolk Gymnastics Club want to expand their current operations - Credit: Brett Rookyard

A Suffolk gymnastics club with over 40 years of history to its name is desperately looking for a new home as it tries to bounce back after the pandemic. 

Mid Suffolk Gymnastics club, based in Stowmarket, is currently housed at the Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre.

The club shares the facilities with a number of other groups and currently has to bring out and put away its equipment after every session.  

It means that none of the equipment can be fixed in position, which would help save time and stop parents having to lug it out each time. 

"We want to expand and provide a better service," said Brett Rookyard from the club. 

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"We are restricted to what times we can come and go."

At the moment the club has to focus on female gymnastics after a certain level but would like to offer more should it get a bigger space.

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"We are just coming back from Covid," he said. 

"We are trying to get re-established."

The pandemic also took its toll on the club. 

"We were a small club," said Mr Rookyard. 

"We lost several members because they found other things to do that Covid didn't stop.

"When other clubs were coming back we could not come back."

It took time for the leisure centre to be able to host the club again, and during this time the members took part in virtual fitness sessions. 

The club has been back in the centre for two months but even now it is not up to full strength. 

"The recreational classes have not started yet," he said.

As it has returned, the club has been looking for a new space to call its own, whilst still remaining in the town. 

Ideally it would be a warehouse space of around 8,000sq ft plus with one side at 30 metres long so that it can install a vault run. 

The club is prepared to pay rent but such a space is hard to find in Stowmarket for a price the club can afford. 

"They are just astronomical," he said. 

Anyone who is able to help the club should contact it directly. 

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