Stroke survivor takes lead at Stowmarket support group

Stowmarket town centre

Stowmarket town centre

A stroke survivor has been appointed as the chairman of the Stowmarket Stroke Support Group.

Alan Moore has been a member of the Stroke Association’s voluntary group, Stowmarket Stroke Support Group, since 2006 after he had a stroke which left him unable to walk or talk.

He had a severe ‘bleed’ stroke – a brain haemorrhage – in 2005. After three months in West Suffolk Hospital, and eight months in outpatient rehab treatment in Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket’s Icanho Clinic, Mr Moore was referred to the Stowmarket Stroke Support Group, where he received further rehab support.

After joining the group in 2006, Mr Moore received intense rehabilitation and support from the group, which aided his road to recovery.

He said: “After my stroke I had to relearn how to live. I could not walk, speak or understand other peoples’ speech, and couldn’t read or write. My life changed drastically.

“Although I received good treatment from the NHS, I still needed long-term support and joined Stowmarket’s Stroke Support Group in 2006, and I have attended ever since. With the group’s support and encouragement I have not only been a member, but taken on some voluntary roles in other organisations.”

He will replace former chairman Anne Helliwell who stepped down from the role.

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The Stowmarket group has been running for around 15 years and is led by 12 volunteers. The group welcomes membership from stroke survivors in and around the Stowmarket area. The group provides peer and social support as well as recreational activities including conversation, games, quizzes and outings.

Mr Moore added: “I have seen the group develop recently – it has doubled in size as more stroke survivors join, and it has moved to larger premises. I hope that I can help continue this progress in the future. With its growth it needs more volunteers to help its valuable work for the local community.”

The volunteer-run group aims to help stroke survivors recover the abilities and skills they need to help them return to live at home. The group meets on Thursdays from 10am-noon at the Salvation Army Hall in Stowmarket.

Call Mr Moore on 01359 258953 for details.