Sudbury: £1,000 fine warning in dog fouling crackdown

Sudbury community warden Bradley Smith, has the power to fine people who do not clean up after their

Sudbury community warden Bradley Smith, has the power to fine people who do not clean up after their dogs.

Irresponsible dog owners are being warned they could face fines of up to £1,000 if they allow their pets to foul in the streets.

Community wardens in Sudbury, who were recently awarded the power to penalise people who fail to clear up dog mess, have issued the warning after being left frustrated by a bad spate of dog fouling in parts of the town.

The wardens are investigating a number of ongoing incidents in the Suffolk Road area and will soon be issuing fixed penalty notices of £50 to those responsible.

They also want to remind dog-owners that persistent offenders can be fined up to £1,000.

As part of Suffolk Constabulary’s Community Safety Accreditation Scheme, the wardens acquired extended powers to issue fines for things such as littering, dog fouling, fly posting and cycling on footpaths. The scheme is part of the force’s commitment to working in partnership with other organisations to tackle low level crime and antisocial behaviour.

It works hand in hand with ‘Safer Neighbourhood‘ policing to provide solutions tailored to the needs of individual communities.

Town clerk Sue Brotherwood said: “We are very concerned about the amount of dog fouling in the town at the moment – the situation is particularly bad in the Suffolk Road area, which is very sad.

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“Failing to clear up after your dog is simply irresponsible and very unpleasant. The wardens do have these new powers and will not hesitate to use them.

“If dog owners fail to pay any fixed penalty notice they receive, they can be summoned to the magistrates’ court where they can face a fine of up to £1,000.

“We are determined to stamp out this very unpleasant issue and we appeal to members of the public to get in touch with us if they know of any dog owners who allow their pet to foul in the street without cleaning it up.”

Anyone with information about dog fouling issues can email: or call the wardens on 01787 372331.