Sudbury: Council vows to safeguard town library

TOWN leaders have vowed to protect a library and other public amenities despite the threat of cuts from Suffolk County Council.

The promise was made at an annual town meeting at Sudbury Town Hall where Suffolk County Council representatives outlined the authority’s divestment plans.

Andrew Gutteridge, county council assistant director, and councillor Colin Spence explained how amenities, such as libraries and country parks, faced uncertain futures as the authority faced cuts of �125million over the next four years.

The county council’s divestment plans have sparked wide-scale fears that public amenities could be closed to save money or taken over by private organisations.

During Tuesday night’s meeting, it was revealed that Sudbury’s library is one of many across the county at risk, along with other amenities such as Valley Walk and the Sudbury Resource Centre.

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Town clerk Sue Brotherwood said: “What perhaps many people didn’t realise until this meeting is Sudbury Library is very much at risk as part of the second phase of the county council’s divestment of services and people are absolutely right to be concerned.

“If we lost the library it would be terribly sad. I would just like to reassure the people of Sudbury that the town council will do absolutely everything in its power to save all of our amenities.”

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The town council has already taken over the Tourist Information Centre, saving it from closure, and has worked with the county council to move the town’s register office onto its premises. It has also registered an interest in managing local recreational sites, such as Valley Walk.

Ms Brotherwood added: “If there is no alternative the town council will look to take over these services rather than see them close or from being taken over by non community-minded organisations, such as developers or those only interested in making a profit.”

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