Sudbury: Dog-napping suggestions dismissed

The scene of a rave in Kings Forest, West Stow

The scene of a rave in Kings Forest, West Stow

POLICE have moved to quash rumours that a dog-napper is on the loose in the Sudbury area.

The EADT has been contacted by about a dozen people claiming that a man has been surveying properties in villages including Long Melford looking for dogs to target. He was then reported to have highlighted houses with dogs by leaving stickers on gateposts.

Rumours have also been circulating that a springer spaniel was stolen from a garden in the village last week, and that a number of dead dogs were found at an address in Clacton.

However, a spokeswoman for Suffolk Police said the rumours were unfounded.

She added: “There have been no recent reports to us of dogs being stolen or killed. But if anyone has had their dog taken, or if they have any information about these recent claims, we would urge them to call us on 101.”

Similarly, police in Essex said they had no record of any reports of dog-napping in recent months.

A new survey carried out by Direct Line pet insurance found that one in 20 dog-owners who have lost their pet believe it was stolen, and more than a third fear their dog will be snatched.

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But an RSPCA spokesman said the majority of dogs that go missing have “escaped” rather than being stolen.

The charity Dog Theft Action issues simple advice to dog owners who are concerned about dog-napping including ensuring that their pet is permanently identified by microchip or tattoo.

Owners are also urged to train their dog not to go out of sight on walks, and never to leave a dog tied up outside a shop, or unattended in a car.

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