Purple flowers planted in Sudbury to highlight fight against polio

Sudbury mayor Sue Ayres with Sudbury Rotary Club volunteers

Sudbury mayor Sue Ayres (second from right, front row) with members of Sudbury Rotary Club who planted the crocus corms - Credit: Sudbury Rotary Club

The mayor of Sudbury helped volunteers plant more than 1,000 crocus corms at the town's war memorial to highlight the battle to eradicate polio. 

Mayor Sue Ayres was among volunteers from Sudbury's Rotary Club to plant the purple flowers at the war memorial on Thursday. 

Purple has become a symbolic colour in the fight against polio, inspired by the colour of the dye painted on the little finger of a child to signify they have received a potentially life-saving polio vaccine.

The organisation is also providing all schools in the town and surrounding villages with purple crocus corms.

Sudbury mayor Sue Ayres planting flowers at the town's war memorial

Mayor Sue Ayres with president Gloria Woods - Credit: Sudbury Rotary Club

Gloria Woods, the president of Sudbury Rotary Club, said: "For many years members of Sudbury Rotary Club have planted Crocus corms in designated areas around the town, and this year is no different.

"We are pleased to be working once again with local schools. Our aim is to educate children on the importance of working together on a global scale, and to continue to vaccinate children in the ongoing fight to eradicate polio."

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